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How to find us...How to find us...How to find us.

From Paris

Follow  the  A7  Highway,  Marseille  signs and
exit  at  Bollène. Take   Pont  St Esprit,   
Laval Saint-Roman, Barjac, Saint-Jean de Maruejols in direction of Saint-Ambroix and Saint-Denis.

From Italy :

Follow the A8 Highway, Aix en Provence signs, then A54 Highway in direction of Nîmes, then Alès and  Saint-Ambroix. From Saint-Ambroix, take the direction of Barjac, then Saint-Victor de Malcap and after about 2 km you arrive at Saint-Denis.

From Spain:

Follow  A9  Highway  Lyon,  Paris signs. Exit at
Nîmes   Ouest  and  take  the  direction of Alès
Saint-Ambroix.    From    Saint-Ambroix,
follow   Barjac  sign.   After  Saint-Victor    de
Malcap, you arrive at Saint-Denis
From Massif Central :

Follow A75 Highway  from Clermont-Ferrand in direction of Montpellier then the  N106 Alès, Nîmes signs.
From Alès, take the direction of Saint-Ambroix.
From    Sant-Ambroix,    follow    Barjac    sign.
After Saint-Victor de Malcap, you arrive at Saint-Denis




- Please,  specify  the  number of people
   and  the  age  of  your  children   when
   your    booking    online or request for

 - If   you  choose   an  "exceptional  or
    personnal stay",  do not forget to give
    us     all     the      necessary    details

 - You  can  also  contact us at the phone
    number  below.



 Le Mas de Cyjelac
Jean-Marc Muller

 "Le Ribas"

Tél. : +33 (0)4 66 56 87 70
Port. : +33 (0)6 24 59 66 63


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