You want to cook yourself...

       Le Mas de Cyjelac proposes its professional equipment to you
        according to the following rates.

According to professional CHR standards


                                         Rates and terms

 - Package for one week and per guestroom : 50€
 - Price per day and per guestroom :
- Guarantee 100€ :

   The guarantee is versed on your arrival. It will be restored to you at
   the  end  of  your  stay  i f  no  equipment  or  material were broken.
   In  the  contrary  case,  the expenses of repair, of replacement or of
   breakdown   service   will   be   deduced  on  th e amount  from  this

  Our rates include the following equipment :

 - Professional equipment for kitchen
 - Pans, plates and other accessories of kitchen
 - Additonal equipment : barbecue, oven pizza
 - Crockery
 - Cleaning at the end of your stay

  Our payment terms are the same to those of our stays :

 - 25% of the coast to the booking (by  international credit  transfer)
 - sold to pay at the latest 1 week before the date of your arrival (by
   international credit transfert)
 - In case of cancellation or advanced departure  our  terms  are  the
   same to those of  stays.

Some little areas of the Mas de Cyjelac


   and others still to discover...


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