Would you like to give an original gift, to celebrate a special event...
          "Le Mas de Cyjelac" suggests you several "Exceptional stays" or organizes them according to your wishes.

"Romantic" stay
for 2 people

- available only the week-end from November 1st to March 1st -

* * * * *

Program :

1 night with breakfast

1 candlelit dînner in head-to-head

with Champagne aperitif given

1 global massage for 2 people(relaxation, and well-being)


Our rates according to the guestroom chosen :

- "La Congolaise" : stay to 290€   

- "La Marocaine" : stay to 300€  

- "L'Indienne" : stay to 310€

- "La Cèzenole" :  stay to 330€  

We will make this stay a pleasant souvenir



"well-being" stay
for 2 people

- available only the week-end from November 1st to March 1st -

* * * * *

Program :

1 night with breakfast

1 dînner in gest table

with traditional aperitif given

1 one hour "well-being"massage per person


(Other massages can be made in addition to this package. It will be added to the bill)

Our rates according to
guestroom chosen :

- "La Congolaise" : stay to 270€

- "La Marocaine" : stay to 280€

- "L'Indienne" : stay to 290€

- "La Cèzenole" : stay to 310€

"Sculpture workshop" stay
for 1 person

- available all year -

* * * * *

Program :

3 nights - including breakfast

2 days of sculpture including: training,
materials, earth (earthenware), ...

- For more details on these workshops please refer to the heading "More" workshops "MaryJo -

Our rates according to guestroom chosen :

- "La Congolaise" : 360€

- "La Marocaine" : 390€

- "L'Indienne" : 420€

- "La Cézenole": 480€

Meals not included. If you want to eat on the site, please contact us so that we suggest a appropriated solution  to you.


"Personnal" Stay
for ... people

- available all the year -


* * * * *

Would you like to celebrate a special event (birthday, wedding anniversary or else) or make a gift ?

We can offer you other forms of "eceptional" stays (ex. : in association with athletic or cultural activities). To combine them with other forms of massage or to incorporate an additional option to one of our stays proposed. We can also completely adapt a stay according to your ideas, your wishes.


For more information do not hesitate to contact us.


Our terms

- The terms of our exceptional stays remain the same ones as our general terms of stays. Available in our heading Rates.

- Our stays are organized with an arrival  as of 16:00 and a departure at the lattest at midday.

- We can add a bed baby and some accessories in the guestrooms (free). Do not forget to ask it at the time of booking.

- Our guestrooms are not equipped to receive handicapped people.


 Our terms

- All our exceptional stays are flexible (examples : one or several nights, one or two people, massage,...)

- On request, we can send to you a
"flyer" gift with the choosen exceptional stay

- Any request for exceptional stay must be made at least a week in advance.

* * * * *

Our guestrooms are air-conditioned and not smoking !

Ashtrays are available outside the guestrooms.

* * * * *



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