The sculpture workshops of "MaryJo"


An escape where, according to your instincts, according to your moods,
              your imagination will create much more than forms but a real creation, ...

Your masterpiece !

 Program :

  Within the walls of the "Mas de Cyjelac" and
  during  4  half  days,    MaryJo  suggests   to
  initiate  you   or  complete  your   knowledge
  on sculpture art by following program :

1st half day :

   - Discovery of the earth (earthenware)
     and tools, ...
   - Basic technique.
   - Formatting your art piece

   2nd half day :

- Construction of art piece.
   - Hollowin out of your pièce.

  3rd half day :

- 1st phase of drying
   - During this half day, you can choose :
      . an open sculpture workshop
        and tools provided)

      . or an visit an exhibition art
        car is recommended)

      . or even to discover our region
       (The Mas de Cyjelac  offers a tourist
       map with the best sites to visit)

   4th half day :

- Finishing
   - Sanding
   - Smoothing
   - Polishing
   - Drying

For information :

  - Upon request, the sculpture workshops of
    "MaryJo"   can   be    presented    as    gift
  (including   accommodation  or
  For more  information , do   not
   hesitate to contact us....


  Workshop schedules :

  The  sculpture  workshops  are  organized  on
  booking  (at  least  week  in  advance).

From 9:00 am to 12:00 am or
From 14:00 to 17:00
(depending on availability)

  Rate :

200€  per person including :

  - 4 half days or 2 days
  - Technical and production of an art piece
  - Material (
and tools provided
  - Firing of art piece

 Remark :

  On   a   week  firing  part  is  technically   not
  possible  (insufficient  drying  time  and oven
  firing  complete,...)
  Your  art  piece  will   fire
  later  and  so  it  will  be  shipped  as  soon as
le  (do  not forget to include the shipping)
  or  it will  be delivered  locally  to  a person of
  your choice.
You can also take it unfired and
  achieve the final step at a professional in your

  Booking Conditions :

  "The  sculpture  workshops  of "MaryJo" have
  the  same  booking  general   terms  as   those
  applied  for  all   stays  of  the  Mas  de Cyjelac.
  (to read them on our section "Rates").



These sculpture workshop may be associated with a stay offer at Mas de Cyjelac with or without meals.


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Marie-Josée Bourcier

Tél. : +33(0)4 66 85 85 74
ou   : +33(0)6 84 94 08 85

(you can also send a message to
the e-mail address below)


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