Whether during our fine summer's days, at nightfall or when cicadas begin their song, "Le Mas de Cyjelac" offers small pleasant areas and some activities...



  In  the  nice area, have craving
  for didleness...

   Do not resist ! Try the hammock in
   the    shade    of   mulberry  trees

- century-old   trees whose  leaves
     were      used   in   the   past    to
     feed    the  silkworms -
   Or,   come    to    lounge     on  the
   swimming  pool side....

Exotic atmosphere guaranted !

Or offer to you a moment of rest in the shade and cool under the arbor

  And  if  you  want to move a  little

 What could be more fun that a
 "petanque"   party    on    our
 ground of game of balls !

  "Le  Mas  de  Cyjelac"   puts   the
  balls   at  disposal free to you. 




  To discover our region ... 

   "Le   Mas  de  Cyjelac"  offers  mountain
   bikes   (VTT)   free 
kits   :
   and  others   accessories   o
f  protection
   are not included in the linding-
   A few rounds of wheels, you can discover
   beautiful landscapes. To visit suroundings
   of our river "la Cèze"   that   will   reveal
   you     all   its   secrets    and    treasures. 
  To  get  into  the  wild  garrigue which will
   give   you   the  advantages of all its colors
   and  scents.
  Or    to     cross   our    "Cévennes"   which
   with    the    seasons    will     offer     you
   amazing  and  spectacular views.
   And     if    you    know   to  respect  these
   natural wealths,  so,  "Mother Nature" will
   allow you to scan all its meanders...

 From the most strange up to  the most




"La garrigue",

"La Cèze",

"Les Cévennes",

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