Our massage "well-being"

   Enjoy a relaxing time, take time for themselves, to feel his body unwind
   from daily stress, break free of all tensions ...

Make  yourself  enjoying  this  feeling of  well-being  that  all  the  art
massage you will.

     Massages    are   offered
     from  the  method    "Arts
     of  Touch"   who   is   not
     only   the  body   but  also
     in mind, combining various
     techniques     from      the
     Orient  or West.


 The method   "Art of Touch"  is
 the  successful  combination of
 different  modes of expression
 body :

  - Touch Californian massage
     Esalen R
  - Yoga

  - The energy balance of chakras
     according to Vedic tradition

  - The foot massage

    The very complete massage
    respectful   of   the   body
    practice with essential oils.
    Its  non-therapeutic action
    you  provide  serenity  and
    inner peace.

   By stimulating  active skin,
    this method facilitates the
    waste  disposal  metabolic
    and contributes to  reduce
    stress      by     eliminating
    gradually physical tensions
    while releasing mental and
    traffic energies.


 "Arts of Touch" Massages

    Each session that is unique
    tailored  to  the individual
    you  bring a state of inner
    calm  ,     openness      and
    conducive    to   relaxation




- Whole body massage - 60 min. :
65 €/person
- Partial massage from 20 min. :
(hands, feet, head, neck, face, abdomen, back ...)

1,50 €/minute


 Our practitioners are graduates of the school "Art of Touch" affiliated to the French Federation of Massage Wellness


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