Our guest rooms : an escape through the world, its colors, its wealths...          THE FRANCE 


  La Cèzenole, (40m2) 

   It  would  not  have  been worthy  of  us not
   to include  in  the  program   of  this  trip   a
   testimony    reflecting   the   past    of   this
   Through  its  pebbles from  the Cèze
   -haunting  and  wild  river along our village -,
   its  woodwork  chestnut  tree -  t
ree  that
   reigns  supreme in our region
   and    its   rustic  ambiance,    this     suite
   (bedroom   opened  on   living   room)    paid
   tribute to  the  history of the mas. 



We can accomodate 2 additional sleeping arrangements for 4 people (2 sofas
beds in 140x180cm) in the part of the living room -  ideal  for a  family  with
children-. On  request,  we  can  free  integrate  a  bed  for baby  and  some
accessories for baby


Do not hesitate to refer you to the photo gallery online. You can see other views of our guestrooms.

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