Our guest rooms : an escape through the world, its colors, its wealths…   THE MAROCCO 


     "La Marocaine" (30m2),

        In  an oriental world, derived  straight  from a  fairy
       tale,  such  The  
"One  thousand   and  one  Nights
       Palace" , this  guest  room  with  shimmering colors
       that harmonizes art, elegance  and
 charm  will   you
       dream  about  the
  magical  world  of  Marocco. 

  Possibility of an additional sleeping arrangement in 90x190 cm)
  for 1 person (preferably a child or an adolescent ).
On request,
  we can free integrate a bed for baby and  some accessories  for



Do not hesitate to refer you to the photo gallery online, you can see other views of our guest rooms. 

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