Do not hesitate to surf the websites of our tourist information centers or of the Regional Committee of the tourism in the Gard.
They offer you all a mix of discoveries, sights or visits to see and to make absolutely !

 Tourisme Barjac             Tourisme Les Fumades


   Whether   for    confirmed   athletes,
   the fans and even novices looking for
   thrills or just quiet adventures,  here
   are  a  few   ideas  for  activities  to
   practice near  the "Mas de Cyjelac" .  

               donkey ride,

or on horseback,



  and yet a multitude of activities
  to  discover,   such  as climbing, 
  caving,  golf,   pottery,  basket
  making, tour  of   our  museums,
  natural  caves  and  much more.
  For  more information  on  some
  activities    see    our  " friend
  Websites"  below

      walk with the family,                 gold washing,

             Swimming,                       fishing,

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